7 Amazing Benefits of Blown Insulation vs. Rolled

blown insulation vs rolled

Have you ever wondered about how the type of insulation you use can change the game when it comes to your house? 

The blown insulation vs. rolled insulation debate is an important one to consider when it comes time to make sure your home is in tip-top shape. Let’s dive into the ways that blown insulation can create your sweet home into the best home. 

1. Efficient Process

First of all, using blown insulation vs. rolled insulation is a much more efficient process. Blown insulation does require a machine to be used, but a machine and some workers are easier to manage when you compare the rolled insulation process. 

For rolled insulation, you need to layer the insulation to the perfect amount, and then spend time meticulously cutting the perfect shapes for installation. This can get even tougher as you get to more complexly-shaped spaces. 

2. You’re Going Green-er 

Most, if not all, of blown insulation, is made of recycled products! 

Typically, blown insulation is made of cellulose, fiberglass, and minerals or wool. That beats the plastic usually included in rolled insulation and reduces your carbon footprint. 

If conserving the Earth is something you want to work on, you can do it with blown insulation. 

3. Built-in Bug Killer

Next, blown insulation naturally comes made with borate. Borate is used to treat this type of insulation and also happens to be poisonous to bugs. 

That means you can say goodbye to an abundance of pests in your home and worry a little less when you use blown insulation. 

4. Not Flammable

Along with the built-in bug killer, the cellulose that blown insulation is made of is also fire retardant

That doesn’t mean your home is invincible if it catches fire, of course. It just means that blown insulation won’t also catch fire. 

Instead, it’ll turn black from charring. 

5. Fits Any Space

Blown insulation also will fit any space, as mentioned in the first benefit. 

Because you can distribute it through a machine, you can blow this insulation wherever you need it within a matter of minutes! That sure beats cutting it out into a specific shape or size that rolled insulation requires. 

6. Easier on You

Overall, blown insulation will be easier on you. If you’re proficient with the machine required to distribute it, that’s even better. 

You can get the job done in less than half of what it would take to use rolled insulation. Even if you have to hire folks to do it for you, you’re likely going to save money by only having to pay them for a short period. 

7. R-Values Compared

Finally, the R-Values of both insulations are pretty much equal. But rather than paying for a whole new layer of rolled insulation, you can keep blowing on insulation until it reaches the best value for you! 

That way, you can still add more if you underestimate. Saves you a migraine and lots of time.

Blown Away by Blown Insulation vs. Rolled Insulation

Now you’ve got the seven benefits of blown insulation vs. rolled insulation. If you’re ready to make the change, try out our home energy audit to get our insulation assistance and even more helpful advice so you can save money on energy in your home.