I’m just writing to let you know I just checked out my energy bills for May and June to see what I have been saving since you installed a radiant barrier in my attic and garage on May 5, and am pleased to report that my June bill usage was 410 kWh vs. 650 kWh for the same period last year (37% reduction), while my May usage was 182 kWh vs 383 kWh for the prior year (a reduction of more than 50%, which is especially impressive, considering the installation was done about halfway through the billing period). I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and your management of the installation epitomizes what I consider to be excellence in customer service. Thanks for the great work.
Eric Goldman

I am writing this letter to thank you for making my home more comfortable and saving me more than I expected on my energy bill. As you know I live in a new development in Whiteville and I only have a few neighbors. Since I had your work done in November I have experienced some both extreme cold months and pretty hot months as well. My neighbor with the same exact floor plan as mine will be calling you very soon. His bill was $78 more than mine last December and $84 more this June. I believe I’m going to be saving way more than the 25% you promised. It is so refreshing to have a company under promise and over perform. I have been telling everyone about what a great job you have done and how happy you have made my husband and I. Keep doing what you’re doing and I am sure you will hit your 1st year goal.
Tina and Greg Johnson

You recently conducted a free energy analysis of my home and identified problematic areas causing energy loss. I found your energy analysis to be most informative and your representative was extremely knowledgeable regarding how your company could help to reduce energy waste, save me money and ultimately make my home more energy efficient. Your power point presentation convinced me to purchase your radiant barrier and additional insulation. Your representative also exercised service after the sale and checked with me upon the competition of to see that I was totally satisfied. I enjoyed working with your company and I am pleased to say that my energy bill has decreased by $35.00 the first month of having your radiant barrier. Thank you so much for what you have done for my home and I believe everybody should have your product in their home.
Connie Bole

We are pleased with our new insulation as we expect to see lower eclectic bills in the future. There was only a partial month’s Progress Energy bill since it’s installation but it was $22 lower than the previous month and equally as hot weather wise.
The best part of working with your company was the inspiration to clean out the attic. So many things that we did not need were donated and the rest organized neatly. We were in the attic for about an hour on a hot August day and managed to stay relatively comfortable.
Thanks so much for all the information you shared with us and saving us some much needed money. We will happily refer you to all of our neighbors.
The Burtin’s

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