Air Leaks

When air escapes the home, your energy usage can skyrocket. Heating and cooling costs increase as your systems work rapidly to keep up with the hot or cold air that’s coming or going. Gaps, holes, and crevices are most often found in walls, ceilings, and floors or around windows, outlets, doorways, and ductwork. Warm air rises and escapes through the cracks in the ceiling or attic while cold air flows through baseboards, crawlspaces, and outlets.

Finding and sealing these leaks can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and existing insulation. Plus, it saves you money on your monthly utility bill. All Energy Solutions checks for air leaks as part of our 12-point home energy analysis. In order to fix the leak, we follow a simple process:

  • Plug large holes first
  • Plug open stud cavities
  • Cover dropped soffits
  • Seal behind knee-walls
  • Find attic bypasses
  • Fill holes with caulk
  • Fill gaps with insulation
  • Apply weather stripping to attic accesses

Stop wasting energy and start saving money.

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