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Have you ever been in your attic and it’s been so hot you can barely stand it? It sounds like your home has inadequate attic ventilation.

Proper ventilation is essential for efficient heating and cooling. But surprisingly, most homes are built without proper attic ventilation. 

Why You Should Properly Vent Your Attic

attic ventilation

In the attic, there should be continuous airflow all year-round to help reduce heat and moisture build-up. When there’s improper ventilation, it can result in moisture build-up, higher energy costs, and a deterioration of your roofing system.

In the wintertime, warm moist air from heating, cooking, showering, etc. rises up to the attic. If there’s improper ventilation, that moist air gets trapped in the attic. This will dampen the attic and insulation and create the perfect conditions for mold growth, rotten wood, and wet insulation. Wet insulation also loses its R-value or the thermal resistance value which makes it lose its insulating properties.

In the summertime, hot humid air gets trapped in the attic which makes it very difficult to keep your house cool. This makes your AC unit work harder and increases your energy costs. 

Proper ventilation allows outside air to flow naturally upward and out of the attic. This helps prevent moisture from becoming trapped in your insulation, structural wood, shingles, and roof decking. 

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As part of our free 12-point home energy analysis, All About Energy Solutions will assess your attic ventilation. If it is not up to our ventilation standards, we’ll recommend adding ridge vents that allow air to flow through the soffits and escape the attic.

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