installing led lighting

The Benefits of Installing LED Lighting in Your Home

Did you know that LED lighting has the potential to revolutionize lighting-related electricity usage?

Estimates predict that by 2035 the majority of lighting installations will utilize LED technology, and the energy savings from this could exceed 569 TWh annually. This is equal to the yearly energy production of over 921,000 MW power plants.

Besides energy savings, installing LED lighting comes with various other important benefits. If you have yet to install LED lights, you are missing out. 

Continue reading to find out some of the important reasons why you should consider getting an LED light installation done in your home. 

LED Lights Are Energy Saving

LED lights use roughly 2-11 watts of electricity per bulb. This is roughly one-third of what incandescent bulbs use, and one-thirtieth of a CFL bulb. 

Not only does this make LED lights more sustainable, but it will also reduce your electricity bill. Lighting costs account for roughly 15% of most homes’ energy bills. If you switch to LED lighting, this could save you an average of $225 in energy costs. 

They Don’t Contain Mercury

Another benefit of installing LED lighting is that LED bulbs don’t contain mercury or other hazardous substances that release when the bulb breaks. Because of this, you can safely dispose of LED bulbs in your regular household bins.

LED Bulbs Don’t Shatter or Get Hot

Besides being free of mercury, LEDs also don’t shatter. This makes them safer to use, handle, and store. Some LED bulbs do have a glass exterior that can break, but the lighting component itself is shatter-proof. 

Thanks to their revolutionary technology, LED bulbs also don’t get hot. This makes them safer to handle and use in circumstances where a hot bulb might start a fire. 

LED Lights Last Roughly 25x Longer Than Regular Bulbs

One of the biggest benefits of having an LED light installation done is that LED bulbs can last up to 25 x longer than other bulbs. 

This means you won’t need to go through the hassle of replacing your bulbs nearly as often. This feature also makes installing LED lighting more cost-effective.

An LED lighting installation will cost more upfront because LED bulbs are more expensive than CFL or incandescent bulbs. 

However, because you won’t need to swap out bulbs as often, installing LED lighting will trigger future savings. Coupled with the fact that LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient, installing LED lighting is a money-saving move. 

Outdoor LED Patio Lights Perform Well in the Cold

Another benefit of LED lighting is that, unlike other bulbs, they aren’t affected by the cold. If you have CFL bulbs in your home, you might have noticed that they take some time to warm up and get to full brightness, especially in cold weather. 

This can be especially problematic in outdoor lighting during cold months. 

If you stall LED patio lights, you never have to worry about their performance being impacted when temperatures drop. In fact, LED lights actually perform even better in low temperatures. 

Are You Thinking of Installing LED Lighting? 

Are you thinking of making the switch and installing LED lighting in your home? If you do, you’ll enjoy lower energy costs, easier bulb disposal, and safer handling. You’ll also be freed from having to frequently replace your bulbs. 

Stop wasting energy and start saving money by booking a free energy audit with us and we will identify all the areas of your home where you can install LED lighting.