Your Guide to Traditional Insulation, Conditioned Crawlspace and Crawlspace Encapsulation

encapsulated vs conditioned crawl space

Improving how well insulated your home is can reduce your bills by 35%

This is assuming there is already insulation, but it is not sufficient. Many people don’t consider their crawlspace when they think of insulation in a house. There are a number of ways you can improve the condition of your crawlspace.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the most common methods for improving the energy efficiency and durability of your home. Encapsulated vs conditioned crawl space is an interesting topic that both yield varying results. What are those results? Let’s break it down.

Encapsulated vs Conditioned Crawl Space

Conditioned or vented crawlspaces used to be the preferred method of protecting a home against both intruding outside air and also humidity. This was done by installing vents in crawl spaces or establishing heating and cooling along with insulation in the crawlspace. 

While conditioned crawlspaces are more effective than traditional venting, this process is not always possible due to building codes and other concerns. It can also be expensive to maintain the crawlspace even with good insulation.

An encapsulated crawlspace is a sealed and insulated crawlspace that prevents humidity, outside air and anything else from moving through the crawlspace. This method is recognized by modern building science to be the best way to protect a house against encroaching problems. It reduces water damage, pest infestation, and energy bills. 

Crawl Space Importance

Having a professional inspect the crawlspace of your home is an important step. The correct choice for you is the one that will save you the most money. In most cases, this involves encapsulation, because it also protects the home against possible damage from moisture build-up which can also bring in pests like termites.

We spend up to 43% of our energy bills on heating and cooling our houses. With such a large percentage it is important to take every possible step in order to reduce this cost. A major factor in this is an unfinished or unimproved crawlspace. 

Benefits vs Negatives of Crawlspace Improvement

Conditioned crawl spaces are expensive to create. Most of them are constructed when the building is new, and the crawlspace is built into the foundation. For most people, it will be easier and quicker to have your crawlspace encapsulated, especially on older buildings with venting in the crawlspace.

If you don’t improve the condition of your crawlspace you risk incurring both higher energy bills and damage to the structure of your home. This is because water can intrude and cause mold, pest infestation and damage to the wood that your house is built out of. 

Encapsulation addresses all problems with the crawlspace. It is a difficult project to accomplish on your own for many people. Hiring a service to encapsulate your crawlspace will come with an upfront price tag, but you will recoup your investment over the months that you save on energy bills.

Creating conditioned crawl spaces can be a costly endeavor, often implemented during the initial construction phase when the crawlspace is integrated into the foundation. Opting for crawlspace encapsulation, especially in older buildings with existing venting, proves to be a more accessible and faster solution for most homeowners.

Neglecting the condition of your crawlspace poses the risk of increased energy expenses and potential structural damage to your home. Water intrusion can lead to mold, pest infestation, and harm to the wooden framework of your house. Addressing these issues comprehensively, encapsulation emerges as a challenging DIY project for many. While hiring a professional service for crawlspace encapsulation involves an initial investment, the long-term energy savings make it a financially prudent decision.

Failing to improve your crawlspace can lead to destructive consequences. Don’t risk the integrity of your home. Encapsulated vs conditioned crawl space are two approaches to the same issue. In general, encapsulation is the preferred method of improvement. 

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