When to Get Insulation Installed in Your Crawl Space

When to Get Insulation Installed in Your Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are designed to accommodate the inner-workings of your home, such as the plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, and ductwork. They’re spaces that can be accessed by professionals if you need upgrades are repairs and aren’t accessed frequently.

So why bother insulating them? Here are a few key reasons.

Common Issues With Crawl Spaces

The majority of homes have sub-floor space, with approximately 15% of new homes being built with crawl-spaces today. That’s because crawl spaces can provide a lot of benefits for home-owners, such as extra storage and help with heating costs.

They can also be a pain to deal with. If you have any of the issues below, you should get your crawl space insulated.

Moisture and Mold

Most crawl spaces are nothing but a dirt floor, meaning that any moisture or humidity that establishes itself could eventually produce mold and rot.

Stench and Poor Airflow

Going along with added moisture, a lack of airflow can make a crawl space start to reek. Depending on how your home is ventilated, this stench can rise up from below and cause your home to smell just as bad.


We’ve all heard horror stories of what was found in the crawl space, and it’s not uncommon for pests to enter through poorly maintained vents. Critters of all shapes and sizes wouldn’t mind making your crawl space home.

Rats can chew through wires. Termites can burrow through your floors. And larger animals are extremely costly to have removed via an exterminator.

The Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation aims to mitigate the issues above and a few others. Here’s what you’ll gain by insulating your crawl space. 

Retains Temperature Better

Even if you don’t have major issues, such as moisture or pests, having your home retain its temperature is a good thing. For one, you’re spending less money to heat and cool the crawl space.

The next is by keeping your crawl space temperature-controlled, your entire home will retain its temperature better. You’ll notice when you step on your kitchen tile in the morning that it’s not as cold as it used to be.

Removes Moisture From Beneath Your Home

Reduced moisture means a reduced chance of mold and fungi destroying your floorboards. This ensures your home’s structural integrity remains in tip-top shape. It also significantly helps reduce any musty smells you may have.

Insulation Provides Better Safety

Insulation, by itself, can’t prevent pests from entering or exiting the home. However, insulated walls will prevent wood-destroying insects, such as termites, from damaging your flooring.

In certain areas of the country, radon gas exposure is a problem. Radon is a natural element that can be found in soil beneath homes and is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

If you live in a part of the US where radon is prevalent, exposed dirt can lead to higher levels of radon in the home. Insulating or encapsulating the crawl space can help lead to reduced radon gasses entering the home.

Insulate Your Crawl Space Today

If your crawl space has any of the above qualities, or you’re concerned it might one day become a problem, reach out to us. We’re located in the Wilmington area and can help get your crawl space insulated, no problem.

Don’t delay in keeping your home safe and protected.